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In Narrative Writing class I am learning so much about writing. Our theme this week is Characterization. I’ll be the first to admit that because I have not finished anything novella or novel length I have not spent time developing my characters. Usually in short stories, one does not spend near the amount of time on creating the characters that people writing novellas and novels do. Many times I struggle with being able to apply suggestions and critical comments to correcting and strengthening my writing. It is a daily struggle that I work on. I am looking forward to putting what I am learning into practice. An idea on how to practice and improve my characterization skills I think would be creating characters with no particular story in mind and work on developing them in all manner of ways. Have a goal in mind for the general idea of what you want. Decide someone you want to use as inspiration. My professor suggests to think of someone you know, but don’t make the character exactly like them. For example:

  1. Think about your best friend in terms of looks, habits, and personality
  2. Decide what you want to change about them
    -Do you want to change their sex?
    -Do you want to change how they look?
    -Do you want to change how they act?
    -Do you want to change their personality?
  3. Once you decide on these things then begin to create your character.

I look forward to trying this out.

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Hi all, I am Sarah Rivera from Schriften ├╝ber alles.

I have learned a lot about writing, I have improved but I still have so much more to learn. It reminds me of a quote, which I could say is our club motto “Unlike pole vaulters, writers do not know when they have done their best.”- John Updike. This quote is so unbelievably true I can not even begin to describe it. I do however feel like I am truly a writer because I have this inane urge to keep improving and improving. Now, taking narrative writing this semester has been not only really interesting it has already been a challenge and will continue to be so. The theme for this week is ideas. I have an incredibly active mind and there are millions of thoughts zipping back and forth in my head, sometimes they are moving so fast I miss things and I have to concentrate to be able to grab hold of a thought and idea so I can put it to use. Ideas are a beautiful thing, they are what you use to create, whether it is a poem, story, painting, sculpture, speech, etc. it is the essence of all creativity. If you think of creativity as an aqueduct, the ideas are the arches. They are the base and the support of the created work. I am hoping that this class will continue to teach me more about writing and help me grow as a writer. It has so far, so I am quite hopeful that the things I learn there from the teacher and fellow students is an experience with knowledge I can take with me for always.


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