First and foremost, as the new president of Rough Writers, I want to apologize for an unnecessarily large lack of activity on the blog. With so many things going on this year and with an almost entirely new group of people, the blog has sadly fallen by the wayside. As such, I have decided to reblog a post from my primary blog, Gilleland Creations. Hope you enjoy!

The Write Corner


Writing is fun. At least, for me it is. I first started trying to write stories when I was 3 years old. Granted, my “writing” consisted of a bunch of illegible squiggly lines accompanied by pictures of disfigured people, flowers, horses, and mosquito larvae (don’t ask), but I tried. Occasionally I would get my mom to write the words under the pictures. That helped a little bit.

By the time I was 8 or 9, I had moved to typing stories on my grandmother’s computer. My friends and family still talk about some of those old stories, particularly about the one with a bunch of kids living in a tree. (Sound familiar to anyone?) The “chapters” were only about a paragraph, and little if any of it was believable.

When I was 12 I wrote my first complete story, a 32-page “book” about wild horses and evil wolves called Romanzarnon…

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