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Hi all, I am Sarah Rivera from Schriften über alles.

I have learned a lot about writing, I have improved but I still have so much more to learn. It reminds me of a quote, which I could say is our club motto “Unlike pole vaulters, writers do not know when they have done their best.”- John Updike. This quote is so unbelievably true I can not even begin to describe it. I do however feel like I am truly a writer because I have this inane urge to keep improving and improving. Now, taking narrative writing this semester has been not only really interesting it has already been a challenge and will continue to be so. The theme for this week is ideas. I have an incredibly active mind and there are millions of thoughts zipping back and forth in my head, sometimes they are moving so fast I miss things and I have to concentrate to be able to grab hold of a thought and idea so I can put it to use. Ideas are a beautiful thing, they are what you use to create, whether it is a poem, story, painting, sculpture, speech, etc. it is the essence of all creativity. If you think of creativity as an aqueduct, the ideas are the arches. They are the base and the support of the created work. I am hoping that this class will continue to teach me more about writing and help me grow as a writer. It has so far, so I am quite hopeful that the things I learn there from the teacher and fellow students is an experience with knowledge I can take with me for always.